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Services-Heat Treatment Services

In addition to complement our products, we offer heat treatment services with the latest technology of vacuum furnace. Some of our best heat treatment services include:

- Hardening
with gas quenching and oil quenching

- Nitriding
gas compound nitriding: application for Al Die Casting, Extrusion Dies, Forging Dies and Others

- Annealing
soft annealing and full annealing

- Stress relieving
reduce residual stress from the inside of the material caused by forming process, machining process or others

- Tempering
intended to increase toughness and reduce hardness of materials

pre & post weld heat treatment

- Solution treatment
apply for stainless steel or special alloy steel.

- Precipitation hardening
apply for stainless steel, special alloy steel and precipitated steel

Compensating the fast technology growth and creating better services for our loyal customers, we will be introducing the laboratory equipment.
With our company, we guarantee the best products and services. The trust that we earned in 18 years proven us to be the leader in this industry and help customers address all related issue to their needs.